Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Love of a Mother

I am sitting in my apartment, listening to my mother breathe, as she sleeps on my couch.What an odd thing. Such a wonderful thing, and yet it feels slightly foreign. To have her here, ( finally) in my new, married life. It is another layer,I suppose, part of the meshing of my life as a daughter, to my life as a wife, and an adult.
 I am so overjoyed to have her here!!! Certainly, I am tiring her out,showing her everything, and talking her ear off. There is just so much to catch her up on! I miss her so much. She ,truly, was my best friend, before Adam came into my life.

It is so nice to pause. I didn't have to work tonight, and for my mother, who works full-time,over-time like a mad woman. She said it felt like Shabbat, and it was, our own precious little rest. We baked some chicken with beets, and sauteed their greens, along with some wine. It was fabulous. 
Much reflecting has gone on today, childhood, marriage, having babies, my Grandfather, travels. I don't know how many times in the past 10 hours I have thanked my mother for raising me,homeschooling me, and pouring herself into me. At this point in my life I cannot imagine having a child, but I know that the love and friendship of a mother, of my mother, is the most brilliant gift there is.

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  1. Your Mother was precious. It was great to meet her. At one point during praise and worship I looked over and saw you stroking her arm so tenderly and then leaned over to kiss her hand. So beautiful!

    Love your blog!