Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Basil = love

My husband is amazing. Flat out, amazing. Annnd, he listens to me... Wow, I'm so blessed.

I don't know how many weeks ago, I casually mentioned how I had wanted to start an herb garden,but decided to postpone it because, at the time we thought we were moving. Then the other day, I lamented over how now we weren't moving, and I should have planted that herb garden.

Well, I came home from work to a beautiful basil plant. With a cute little pink bow on it, and some fertilizer.

In one of my first letters to my husband, I talked about how I don't like getting flowers because it is such a waste of  money, and I always think about all the other things that money could have been spent on. My father would always buy my flowers, every performance I had, no matter how many times I told him not to. I would even get mad at him! I realized, though, that it was one of his ways of showing me love, and came to expect it. Once my husband and I started courting, I wondered why he never gave me flowers, he showered me with every other kind of usual gift like candy, poems, bracelets, songs, but not flowers. Eventually, I remembered and let him know it was perfectly okay for him to give me flowers, as long as they were cheap.
But a basil plant... he knows me so well...
So much better than flowers!

Day 8 of the cleanse! Yay, fish and raw cheese,yummm, so tasty. This has been more difficult than I thought it would be for me, there is no way I would have been able to do it alone. One of the reasons I think I have been struggling, is not having enough servings. Starting the cleanse the same week as starting my full time schedule at both studios might not have been the best planning, but I know it has done some good.


  1. That's so sweet! and beaauutiful, the basil plant, how well he knows what will make you happy... oh and you too!!!
    Congrats on finishing well with the cleanse, so not easy, but so worth doing! You are inspiring. Truly. Thanks for sharing!

  2. No way! We were on the phone not even ten minutes ago and I was about to mention that i want to start an herb garden!!! So awesome that Adam got you a basil plant! Now you have to try my pesto recipe!!! What a great guy :)