Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I cannot believe it is October.
 Day of Atonement this year was different for me, my first time not having something to go to or someone to spend it with until the evening. I approached it differently, listened to some teachings, and read alot of the Word. Still, I felt unprepared for it, I discovered my xanga is still up, and this post from 4 years ago really rang true this year.

"Monday, October 02, 2006

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So today is the Day of Atonement. also known as yom kippur.
Leading up to today, was the 10 days of awe,  traditionally a time of deep inspection of all the areas of your life. I didnt really do that this year.

I have to tell you. Today I was just face down. I will never understand why He is so merciful. How can he see the depths of my heart and love me the same?
What shall we say before You, the one who dwells on high and what shall we declare before You, who resides in the heavens? Do You not know all the things, both the concealed and the revealed? You know the mysteries of the universe and the hidden secrets of every living soul. You examine the heart of man and  prove all our thoughts and aspirations. Nothing  escapes you, neither is anything hidden from your sight.
publicly or privately
knowingly and deceptively
by offensive speech
by oppressing a fellow man
by evil thoughts
by lewd association
by insincere confession
by contempt
willfully or by mistake
by unclean lips
by violence or impulse
by defaming thy name
by foolish talk
Forgive us all sins, O God of forgiveness and cleanse us. Mold our lives and souls in genuine repentance that we may in truth present ourselves as living sacrifices to serve you and do as you command.

I want so much to be genuine."

I think Yahweh is teaching me about preparedness, I pray that I am not slow to learn, that I am moldable.

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  1. Thoughts that give me cause to pause and reflect. Selah
    Thanks for sharing!